WRDSMTH – Miss Sixty

LA-based street artist, WRDSMTH, collaborated with Miss Sixty on their limited edition capsule collection that was released in July 2020. The collection included designs printed on t-shirts, denim pieces, dresses, and sneakers. “Feminine details, represented by the use of butterflies and pastel colours such as pink, yellow and light blue, are combined with slogans in […]

Dain and Crabtree collaboration

Dain – Crabtree

Brooklyn based artist, Dain, was approached by Crabtree and Evelyn as part of their holiday collection representing the traditions in his hometown city of New York. Dain utilized his collage process incorporating imagery from the brand’s archives. This collection was also featured on their social media channels with a behind the scenes look at the […]


After a successful mural and wheat paste commission, COACH became a frequent collaborator with Fillin artist, WhIsBe. His signature bear was used with Coach’s signature C logo – this design quickly became popular on hoodies, keychains, wallets and more. WhIsBe also participated in multiple live events in cities across the country where he hand embellished […]

City PNC x Toby Triumph

Toby Triumph – PNC Social Images

PNC Bank elicited Toby Triumph for his unique style in storytelling through illustration for their social campaigns for 3 seasons. “The most innovative part of this PNC project was taking 18 really broad and different subjects and creating a set of illustrations that felt like they all belonged together. Working up a set of design […]

Hope Mural by Jason Naylor

Jason Naylor – Hope

In the wake of the global pandemic and Covid crisis, Madison International Realty commissioned artist Jason Naylor and Fillin Global to help bring some “hope” to the neighborhood. In a tribute to the health care workers, the mural stands for appreciation and positivity to those front line and essential workers and everyone who is affected. Jason incorporated […]

We Belong to Something Beautiful

Jason Naylor – Sephora

Jason Naylor was commissioned by Sephora for their ‘Belong to Something Beautiful’ campaign alongside top artists in the industry including Ohne Lisle, Craig and Karl, and Quentin Jones. Jason was integrally involved in the creative process which resulted in illustrations that appeared in the grand opening of their Times Square location and an animation that […]

Mathilde x Robb Report Collaboration

Mathilde Crétier – Robb Report

Mathilde Crétier was thrilled to continue her work with Robb Report on their annual Best of the Best issue which awards the best products and designers across all categories including Aviation, Automotive, Style, Jewelry, Watches, Yachts, Travel and more. This year each category had a big idea or trend that influenced the direction of the […]

DAIN – Hunters (Amazon Prime)

Fillin’s multi media artist, DAIN, was commissioned by Amazon Prime and their series, Hunters, to create an art piece in his style for the release of the show.

Rag and Bone

Jason Naylor – PRIDE 2019 for Rag and Bone

Jason Naylor collaborated with Rag and Bone for Pride in 2019. This included two t-shirt designs, window displays across the stores nationwide, and a mural on Houston Street in NYC.