Jason Naylor – Hope

In the wake of the global pandemic and Covid crisis, Madison International Realty commissioned artist Jason Naylor and Fillin Global to help bring some “hope” to the neighborhood. In a tribute to the health care workers, the mural stands for appreciation and positivity to those front line and essential workers and everyone who is affected. Jason incorporated his signature color scheme as well as typography and message as the focal point of the work. This mural was featured on News 12 NY, Brooklyn 1 and countless instagram posts.

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<----> BTS Photo - Primed Wall
<----> BTS Photo - Primed Wall 2
<----> BTS - Sketch on Wall
<----> Progress Photo
<----> Progress Photo 2
<----> Progress Photo 3
<----> Wall Before Paint
<----> Finished Hope Mural
<----> Hope Mural 1
<----> Hope Mural 2
<----> Hope Mural 3
<----> Hope Mural Wide
<----> Hope Mural Close
<----> Hope Mural Next to Print
<----> Hope Mural Far Away
<----> Hope Mural Streetview
<----> Hope Mural Streetview 2