Raised on a steady diet of graffiti and hot rods, Steve “Pheck” Ritsua quickly came to love bold colors and fat lines. As time passed, his appetite grew to include 50′s culture, fast music and old-school horror flicks. Whether employing oils, acrylics, ink, pencil or the ball-point pen, Pheck’s smooth style belies the often fast-paced, frenetic images he conjures from the depths of his hungry soul. Insatiable, Pheck continues to produce art that builds on and encompasses myriad kustom kulture themes.

<----> Bird by Pheck
<----> Apple Core by Pheck
<----> Head by Pheck
<----> Stick Up by Pheck
<----> Car by Pheck
<----> Longboard by Pheck
<----> Supercharged by Pheck