Natalia Jheté

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Natalia Jheté was brought up in a creative environment. Growing up in an artistic family, Natalia realized her interests in illustration and fashion at a young age. After graduating from Miami’s Design and Architecture Senior High, she moved to San Francisco where she studied women’s wear and soon after moved to New York where she now resides. After working a few years in design, Natalia recognized she was equally as passionate about illustration and now focuses on art.

Today Natalia is steadily making her mark as a watercolor artist while collaborating with fashion and culture magazines, jewelry designers, and messaging apps. With a  whimsical, but always elegant style and impeccable attention to detail, Natalia continues to find fashion as her true muse.

Recently Natalia has become a sponsored artist by the American art materials manufacturer, Grumbacher.