Marc Evan

Marc Evan is a Brooklyn based artist working in a variety of mediums and disciplines. He is a lead artist for Groundswell Murals, a non profit organization geared towards positively changing communities through public art. Marc has been a contributing artist to Sing For Hope, painting several of their Pop-Up Pianos, which were publicly installed in Central Park, Roosevelt Island, and at Lincoln Center, for all to play and enjoy. A recently completed mural was a 68ft tall wall, overlooking the Cross Bronx Expressway. This mural focused on themes of rebirth and recovery, and was painted with the help of twenty adult men, all who were in various stages of recovery.

Marc is also a skilled illustrator, designer, and concept artist. Marc’s personal works often play with the concept of pareidolia, the ability to see imagery in random patterns and sounds. The surreal details in his paintings can appear amorphous, changing as the viewer approaches closer. His artwork and illustrations have also appeared in movies by Joel Schumacher, Rob Reiner, and others; music videos for Beyonce, Slash, and Eminem; and he has designed commercials for Mercedes, Sprite, and LG. Marc’s artwork has been featured in the prestigious Society of Illustrators’ Museum of American Illustration.

Marc Evan has also carved a niche as one of the preeminent professional pumpkin carvers in the world. In 2008, with Chris Soria, a lifelong friend, fellow artist, and frequent collaborator, they founded the renowned, Maniac Pumpkin Carvers. In 2012 Marc was a winner of Food Network’s Halloween Wars, a reality competition TV show. His pumpkin carvings have appeared at the Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum, Yankee Stadium, and on numerous TV shows, printed publications, and across the worldwide web.

<----> Turtle Sketch by Marc Evan
<----> Piano Ocean
<----> VIP Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Angel Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Self Portrait by Marc Evan
<----> Rand & Bone Mural by Marc Evan
<----> VIP Mural Close Up by Marc Evan
<----> Father Earth Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Dancing Mural by Marc Evan
<----> City Mural
<----> Purple Dream Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Fish Soul Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Adele Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Turtle Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Ocean Street Corner Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Creating Purple Dream Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Freedom and Beers for All by Marc Evan
<----> Bronx Mural Close Up by Marc Evan
<----> Bronx Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Piano by Marc Evan
<----> Groot by Marc Evan
<----> Wolf Eyes Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Breathing New Worlds Into Existence by Marc Evan
<----> Under the sea by Marc Evan
<----> Piano by Marc Evan
<----> Black Wing Halo by Marc Evan
<----> Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Star Wars by Marc Evan
<----> Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Mural by Marc Evan
<----> Yoda by Marc Evan
<----> Luke by Marc Evan