Luke Smile

Luke Smile is a British artist and designer, known for his unique and eye-catching typographic murals and studio pieces. His works incorporate familiar words and aspirational phrases, a vibrant colour palette, interesting 3D perspectives and shadows. Luke works with a variety of lettering styles, however, the most recognisable is his Smile Sans font.

He combines traditional sign writing methods, stencils and spray paint, creating striking detail and texture within his works. His background as a Graphic Designer lends itself to Luke’s art practice, with his knowledge of grids, layout and clear-cut precision.

Luke Smile isn’t just his brand name, but a way of life and core ethos for his work. His mission is to create pieces that uplift and galvanise communities, create memorable, positive brand associations and bring joy to a wall in the home.

Many of his works are influenced by his love of music, often incorporating phrases from his favourite tracks. His lettering is always paired with his signature smiley, leaving a positive symbol that is synonymous of his style.