Linnéa Andersson

Linnéa Andersson (1989 Halmstad) is a Swedish artist based in Gothenburg. She holds both a BFA and MFA in Design from HDK-Valand.

With a background in graphic design, Andersson switched to painting five years ago, and gained widespread recognition through her botanical murals. Interested in art as a tool of claiming space, her practice became a means through which to explore both the social and self-inflicted boundaries of environmental in/exclusion. How can you begin to claim space within an environment to which you don’t feel invited? Through the dedicated repurposing of a particular motif, Andersson examines this question, developing a new artistic language that is rooted in spatial presence.

With an art practice committed to constant learning-by-doing, Andersson compares her work to that of problem-solving, with a focus on the process rather than the end result. The motif, as such, is not important, it’s how she gets there that counts. She enjoys experimenting with the fusion of different textures, colors, and hues, keeping an open-mind (and an open-eye) as to when the work can take on a new form