Ivan Potter-Smith

Ivan Potter-Smith is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer whose work focuses on vivid neon colors, dense detail, and gritty textures. Ivan has been a full time freelance artist since 2016, prior to which he worked as a theatrical Scenic Artist. Ivan’s clientele are wide ranging, including clients in the Fashion Design, Interior Design, Music, Board Game, Book Publishing industries and more.

Ivan’s personal work, Neon Fever Dreams, is forward-facing, looking into a future that is beautiful and unsettling. Blending the styles of Art Deco and Cyberpunk, Ivan seeks to explore urban cityscapes dripping in neon and filled with questionable characters.

Located in Winston-Salem, NC, Ivan provides remote services for his clientele from his studio. In addition to his Illustration work, Ivan often teaches Photoshop and Digital Painting workshops at his alma mater, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Ivan is always interested in working on new and exciting projects.