Bianca Romero

Bianca Romero is a New York City-based mixed media artist, muralist, and Creative Director. She’s known for her bold and colorful art made of her unique hand-cut collage layered with wheatpaste, street posters, spray paint, and acrylic.

Romero’s artistic style is a direct reflection of her youth and multi-cultural upbringing being half South Korean and Spanish that was split between New York City and Connecticut suburbia. As a first-generation American, the clash of ideologies and cultures from these two very different worlds significantly impacted her worldviews. As a visual artist, heavily influenced by New York City’s diversity, its energy, and its vibrant and gritty graffiti art scene, her art is a visual interpretation of people’s collective experiences. She uses mixed media collage as a visual metaphor for exploring personal identity and the collective pieces that make each person unique, allowing her the creative outlet to explore the human experience through her artwork.

Clients and Partnerships: Maker’s Mark, EFFEN Vodka, Rag & Bone, Food Network, Ludlow Fitness Club, and more.