Bertone Studio

Bertone Studio, by Eduardo Bertone and Michiyo Sato, is based in Madrid. Eduardo is from Argentina and Michiyo from Japan. Their colorful artwork combines their origins and the cultural diversity discovered while traveling. Their style is placed between psychedelic pop surrealism, doodling and neo-expressionism. Their recognizable urban art aesthetic is reflected across a multitude of forms including large scale in complex media, small simple drawings, print, animation, advertising, editorial and packaging.

Clients include: Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Honda, Tommy Hilfiger, and Adidas to name a few. They have been featured in several books and magazines, such us Taschen’s Illustration Now!, AI-AP Book, and L├╝rzer’s Archive Best 200 Illustrators. Alongside their commercial work, Eduardo has participated in numerous group exhibitions internationally.