Adieny Nuñez

Adieny Nuñez is an artist, designer and author. Nuñez was raised in Miami and born in New York City with Puerto Rican roots. This self-taught artist began her abstract-expressionism career from an intuitive state of mind. Nuñez quit her full-time job over 10 years ago and began her life as an artist. Her artistic journey started rapidly growing with exhibitions in LA, Mexico, Madrid and Miami, and participating in Art Basel, Art Festivals and other major events. The artist has collaborated with brands such as Coach, BMW, Puma, Spotify, Neutrogena, and others.

Nuñez has a very strong love for humanity and has partnered with various nonprofits throughout her career. Nuñez has worked closely with Autistic children and mental health patients. She has also partnered with Puma Hoops and Roc Nation to support the Social Justice system. Nuñez feels her purpose is to be a voice, to awaken others through art, intellect and emotion, allowing every piece to be a transcendental experience.