Adam Mazur

Adam Mazur is an American-Canadian artist who bridges fantasy with contemporary life through expressive and whimsical illustrations. Through his creative method of storytelling, Mazur aims to colorfully support editorial works, magazine design, products, and branding.

Mazur graduated with honors from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, with a degree in Fine Arts and a concentration in Illustration. Since then, he has had his artwork exhibited in select galleries and has been published in artist portfolio catalogs and magazines. He was recently chosen for online publication by American Illustration Awards 40, selected by jurors from The New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Entertainment Weekly.

Currently situated in Montréal, Québec, Canada, Mazur is working on a series of personal projects. He has produced pieces for print and web for select clients, including Philadelphia Weekly and Dock Street Brewery in the United States, and for September Media Company, a creative and design consultancy in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to illustrate the cover for an upcoming novel for young readers.

<----> Adam Mazur - Swimming Race
<----> Adam Mazur - Dragon at Dojo
<----> Adam Mazur - Dragon Ship
<----> Adam Mazur - Ransacked
<----> Adam Mazur - The Magician
<----> Adam Mazur - Empenadas
<----> Adam Mazur - School Daze
<----> Adam Mazur - Picnic Panic
<----> Adam Mazur - The Chariot
<----> Adam Mazur - Mail In Ballots Vote
<----> Adam Mazur - The Stakeout
<----> Adam Mazur - City Livin_
<----> Adam Mazur - Pekin Duck
<----> Adam Mazur - Huitlacoche
<----> Adam Mazur - Heavenly Ramen
<----> Adam Mazur - Dark and Light
<----> Adam Mazur - Support Local Restaurants
<----> Adam Mazur - Dinners Ready
<----> Adam Mazur - The Picky Eater